So, Why is it important for a basketball player to jump higher ? Well, out of all the major and important aspects of the game, at top of the list is the Vertical Jump. It is such a valuable tool that differentiates an average player from an Incredible player.

Every stand out player like Michael Jordan, or LeBron James have the ability to jump higher. There are so many advantages of jumping higher in Basketball.

Increase Vertical Jump

Learn How to Jump Higher

So, first check out the advantages of Vertical Jumps, which will clarify the importance of High Jump in Basketball.

  • Jumping Higher always provides you an ideal position to score in crucial moments of the game.
  • Athletes who jump higher tend to perform well in other areas of the game too.
  • Vertical Jump allows you to increase your physical strength and agility of your body.
  • If you can Jump Higher than you can easily dodge the opponent players while scoring.
  • A great Vertical Jump will help you and your team to get more steals, blocks and rebounds.
  • If you are good at Vertical Jump you will also get technically sound as well.


Recommend Vertical Jump Program

Even though you need to be naturally skilled to play basketball, there are a few things you must do to become a good basketball player. These include proper conditioning of your body, learning the mental part of basketball and regularly practicing with the right drills. All good basketball players do everything possible such as going for training and learning new skills to improve their performances on the basketball court. Also, good basketball players possess the personality traits that their coaches appreciate.

As a basketball player or athlete, you need a good vertical jump to have a great advantage over other players. So a strong, powerful vertical jump is very important to become a super athlete or player.

A few athletes are naturally endowed with a super-jumping ability to reach unbelievable heights without difficulties. Nonetheless, even if you’re not blessed with this natural endowment, you can still improve your jumping performance through vertical jump exercise and training. It is noteworthy that exercises to jump higher involves improving your reaction time and learning how to jump quickly. Other workouts involve strength training to develop your muscle power to jump higher. Most importantly, these vertical jump training or exercises work together to improve your jump.

Five workouts that can improve your vertical jump are described below.


  1. Depth Jumps

One of the best vertical jump exercises to improve your jump performance is depth jumps. To do this, jump off a firm surface at your vertical jump limit and once both feet touch the floor, jump up again. This particular exercise trains the body to use and maintain elastic energy for quick, powerful body launches.

Depth Jump - Vertical Jump

A proper depth jump is done by standing on a firm surface that is 1-2ft high. Continue by stepping off the surface with one foot and landing with the knees slightly bent. Once you land, jump up again. Based on strength and experience, perform 1 or 2 sets of 5-8 reps. To modify this exercise, the height of the surface or box can be increased gradually, or you can add hurdles or repetitive jumps to the exercise.


  1. Hip Flexor Stretch

Your ability to extend your legs quickly contributes to a successful improvement of your vertical jump. Performing hip stretches and leg stretches is the best way to improve your ability to extend your legs quickly. With the hip flexor stretch, you will be able to pull up your knees and flex your muscles. When you have loosened or relaxed muscles, you will be able to reach your maximum height.

Hip Flexor Stretch - Vert Shock

To perform this exercise, start with a lunge where your back knee is directly under your hip. After, push your pelvis forward until it’s in contact with your femur. Stay in this position for 2 seconds and repeat the exercise for 10 times.


  1. Jump Squats

A jump squat exercise uses the weight of the body for resistance training, and it develops muscle memory for a body launch from a bent position. It is also effective for strength training with additional weights which trains the legs for better power-ups.

Squat Jumps

To perform this exercise, do a regular squat and keep your knees over your toes while you straighten your back. On squatting down, jump up immediately to your possible height. Repeat the jump squat 5-6 reps over 1-2 sets.

The effect of jump squats is similar to that of a vertical shock exercise. With jump squats, the explosive movement techniques can be developed, combining speed and power to unleash intense force.


  1. Bulgarian Split Squats

If you want to practice your strength and balance at the same time, the Bulgarian split squats are the best way to achieve this. The Bulgarian split squats can help to increase your jump power. You can also modify the exercise by including weights or using your bodyweight for resistance.

Bulgarian Split Squats - Jump Higher

To perform a Bulgarian split squat, stand and put one foot on a bench. Use one hand to hold dumbbells and descend till your knee is nearly in contact with the floor. Then return to a standing position. Repeat this 6-8 reps over 2-3 sets for both feet.


  1. Trap Bar Deadlift

Trap bar deadlift is a strength exercise that is effective in building the force required to do a vertical jump. Technically, this exercise can be learned easily and performed correctly than jump squats. Trap bar deadlift has a bio-mechanics similar to vertical jump and its centered weight will help you to stand up right.


Trap Bar Deadlift - Increase Vertical Jump

To perform this exercise, stand in the center of a trap bar and grip its handles with your hands. While you keep your back straight, carry the trap bar up in a clean motion. Repeat this exercise for 5 times and add more weight in each rep.


As a basketball player, your jump is one of the powerful weapons you need on the court. That is why it’s important for you to improve your jump. You can do this by developing your strength and speed, and your ability to combine both for a powerful jump.

The five exercises described above will greatly help you to improve your vertical jump. However, for maximum performance, you will have to go a step further.

Habitual Jump Training is used by old vertical jump programs where you’re made to jump 1000 times with the belief that the exercise will improve the communication between your body and jumping muscles. One limitation with the old methods is that you’re only training your sub-maximal jump height repeatedly. Therefore, you’re not jumping your highest or training maximal jump height with those old methods.

Most naturally gifted athletes had to undergo a proper vertical jump training program before they can jump higher.  You also need an established, step-by-step training program, guide and support that are based on proof, hard science and sound training principles.

Vert Shock program is the best training program for maximum performance or results. This program considerably lowers the number of jumps you will do in a workout and enables you to jump your highest each time you repeat the workout. So with this Vert Shock program, you can train your maximum jump height and significantly increase it. Hence, you should expect shorter and easier workouts that bring speedy results. In the end, you will be able to jump higher than you did before starting the program.


How Does the Vert Shock Vertical Jump Program Work

You might have known that there is a difference between slow and fast twitch muscle fibers and that training your fast twitch fibers is the key to an explosive, high vertical jump. However, there are Type II B fibers which are an unpopular subset of fast twitch fibers. These Type II B fibers can contract very fast and are highly crucial to creating new and powerful jumps.

Some say say this program is also known as the vertical jump bible because of it’s effectiveness to produce results.

Vert Shock Program


Rather than overtraining to increase your jump (common with most training programs), Vert Shock program makes use of specialized workouts to target your Type II B fibers to gradually increase your jump every week with less work. While overtraining can cause patellar tendonitis, Vert Shock program is harmless to your body.

There is no highly effective program better than this program. Moreover, this program will increase your jump by 3-5 inches within the first 7 days of starting and by 9-15 inches after 8 weeks.

So, if you really want to know how to increase vertical jump in a matter of weeks, this is the program that delivers. Click here for full details.